Why Gaga Needs to Gogo (If Only For Awhile)

I’m tired of Lady Gaga.

Is it her music? Eh, kinda. In terms of music, I’ve gone from mild curiosity to dismissal to annoyance to a second chance to dismissal to disdain to loathing to a third, in-depth look to acceptance to peace to boredom. No, I’m just tired of hearing about her. Seeing her on magazines, hearing about her fashion and wacky hi-jinks, the parodies of her and her videos, and her overhyped and quickly diminishing hook as a bizarre artiste.

This might just be because I’m writing this at 2 AM and cranky. Or it might be the over-saturation. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s the over-saturation. To give you a timeline of the Gagadom, let’s rewind the clocks to…eh, late 2008. “Just Dance” did a slow, long climb up the charts that included lots of airplay, and culminated in the song finally hitting No. 1 of the Hot 100 in early 2009. On the heels of this success, “Pokerface” stepped in as the most overplayed single of the first half of ’09. But then came summer, and “Lovegame” was unleashed, and despite being much weaker than “Just Dance” and “Pokerface”, it remained a contender for the whole summer. And after this, goddamn “Paparazzi” was put out because why the hell not, and Gaga started taking a definite turn for the weird. But hey, she just went through the two and a half good songs on The Fame, and even one of the meh ones. She was out of material!

Wrong! Then she dropped worldwide hit “Bad Romance” on us, and launched herself into the stratosphere with one of her best songs and tripped out videos. It was like a second wind when her first was only faltering. At this point, we’re at early 2010 on the timeline and I haven’t even gotten to “Telephone” and “Alejandro”, the latter of which still gets constant airplay to this day.

The point I’m illustrating with this list is that ever since “Just Dance” caught on, we haven’t had a real breather from Gaga. After her latest hit starts losing steam, bam, she cracks out another one. And after that one starts slowing, boom, it gets a video for resurgence. Then the wheels start slowing down just in time for the next fucking single! And with the singles in rotation, she’s still in the spotlight and we still talk about her.

If she had more music I think I’d be more willing to put up with this. I’m not saying she doesn’t have great songs, but her total catalog is so small and as a whole doesn’t merit the hype and attention she gets. Sure, she has something like “Bad Romance”, but then we also have “Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say”. Granted, very few artists could hold the hype, but she’s gotten where she is on a handful of good pop songs, more than her share of not-good ones, ludicrous levels of empty theatrics, and attention-whore style weirdness. What’s more is that she’s reaching the point where two years of constantly topping herself has finally caught up with her; the cool reaction to the music video for “Alejandro” is a telltale sign of this.

So I say, take a sabbatical, Gaga. Hole up somewhere for three months, six months, and write some songs, design some new outfits, and maybe even reimagine your image. Because as it is right now, you’ve painted yourself in a frilly, over the top, corner with nowhere to go but self-parody.

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