Mini Mixtape #8

Hey kids, shuffle theme this week!

Sex Bob-omb – Garbage Truck (2010)
Sex Bob-omb’s songs (written by alt-guru Beck) are non-nonsensical, distorted beyond belief, and so charmingly garage rock it’s almost cute. Groovy tune, though.

The White Stripes – Do (1999)
Slow-jam song from The White Stripes self-titled album. One of the band’s lesser-known songs, but still a lot of fun to listen to, especially since Jack and Meg rarely take the tempo this slow.

The Beatles – I’m Only Sleeping (1966)
A John Lennon tune off of Revolver about being able to laze around and sleep by a guy who infamously spent the first part of his career never getting any. Dreamy, druggy pop.

Brendan Benson – Life in the D (2002)
Indie workman Brendan Benson is, believe it or not, from Detroit, and meditates on life there in the least Detroit-sounding way. Great song.

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I enjoy music and music culture; I hope you do, too.
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