Mini Mixtape #11

Happy New Year’s Eve! Because I wasn’t able to finish a formal “best-of” for 2010’s Best non-hits, I thought I’d put a few of them in this week’s Mini Mixtape. Per usual, click the song title to listen to the song.

Best Coast – Crazy For You
The strongest of Best Coast’s album of the same name, “Crazy For You” proves that surf rock meets shoegaze indie rock can be just as pop-tastic and catchy as any number 1 song on the charts, if not moreso.

Slash feat. Lemmy (of Motorhead) – Dr. Alibi
Far and away the best cut from Slash’s so-so solo album, “Dr. Alibi” doesn’t let up from beginning to end. Slash’s furious guitar work, Lemmy’s punishing vocals and bass, and the back band’s energy makes “Dr. Alibi” one of the most rock and roll songs of 2010.

DJ Earworm – Don’t Stop the Pop
DJ Earworm makes a mash-up at the end of every year of the top 25 songs of the year, and “Don’t Stop the Pop” is perhaps the funnest and best one so far. The mash-up succeeds because it flows so well, and doesn’t rely on one great song to carry the rest.

Weezer – Ruling Me
Vintage Weezer right here. The boys bring the energy to a “boy likes girl” classic.

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