How Much of a Music Snob Are You?

When most people think of a “music snob”, they think of their jackass friend who disowns anything that you’ve heard of, and uses “You just don’t get it, man” as a defense anytime their own “impeccable” tastes are criticized. Yet 20somethings in knit caps living in studio apartments aren’t the only ones able to be music snobs. Music snobbery can cut across any and all genres; even a Top 40 fan can snob it up if they want. Are you a snob? Give yourself a point if…

-You consider you tastes the “right” tastes.
-Get indignant when a store doesn’t carry your artists of choice.
-Conversely, give yourself two points if you get mad when a store does carry your artists.
-YouTube hate on your music legitimately upsets you.
-Give yourself an additional point for every time you’ve had a fight with one specific user over a video.
-You’ve ever used a phrase such as “But you like Chicago/Nickelback/Metallica/Deerhunter” as a rebuttal to an argument.
-Two points if said argument was unrelated to music.
-You talk in exclusively music references.
-Add another point if they’re references you know no one will get.
-Consider newer fans (re: all fans after you) of the same artist to be “fake” or “posers”
-Put on an artist’s lesser known material to show what you know.
-Feel the need to impress others with your tastes.
-You disregard recommendations of friends.
-Give yourself a point for every time you’ve said “You just don’t get it”
-Also “How can you listen to that?”
-Consider fans of a genre/artist you don’t like to be “a bunch of rubes”?
-Avoid YouTube/streaming because of the sound quality.
-You’re the reason that a record store now stocks vinyl.
-You feel upset when one of your favorites gets big in another circle because now you have to deal with all the “new fans”.
-Hypothetical: Favorite band appears on a Twilight soundtrack. Give yourself a point if you personally feel betrayed
-Give yourself two points if you stop listening to them because of this
-Two points if you think Steve Albini‘s got the right idea
-Hell, one point if you knew who Steve Albini was before that link.
-A point for ever calling an artist a sell out.

How’d You Do?
1-7: Whoa! You’re super easy going. Very cool. Perhaps not opinionated enough, but trust me, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing.
8-14: Alright, you’ve got some opinions, but nothing anyone would disown you for. Just be polite around different crowds.
15-19: Hm. On one hand, you’re probably fairly knowledgeable about your area of expertise, but on the other hand, you’re probably not a lot of fun. Meditate on this, young Padiwan.
20+: Fucking hipster.

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