The Hunt For an Indie October

Hey all.

By this point, it should be no surprise to anyone that I’m a big fan of independent music. From little bands with 500 fans on Facebook to arena fillers like Modest Mouse and Arcade Fire, I’m up for giving anyone a fair shake. I also really, really like the month of October; when the leaves start turning, the hoodies start appearing, and it’s still tolerable to be outside when you don’t have to be. And because the two of them go so well together, why not combine them?

Therefore, I’d like to introduce Ranting About Music’s first Indie October. Throughout the month, I’ll have features ranging from new music alerts to reflections and a list or two. None of this will interrupt normal Ranting About Music operations including major release reviews (we have Coldplay, Drake, and Evanescence among others this month), and Radio Rants.

We’ve already had our first entry in Indie October: my review for Everything’s Amazing & Nobody’s Happy by New Jersey pop punksters Candy Hearts. Stay tuned for more!

And if you are or know an up and coming or already known indie artist, email me with some basic information and the music and maybe you’ll be featured. Check the “About Me/Contact” page for more info!

About bgibs122

I enjoy music and music culture; I hope you do, too.
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