On the Radar #1

Here at Ranting About Music, I get a lot of New Music songs sent to me. Sometimes, it’s for a full album, but I also get plenty of singles. So, I’ve started compiling the best of them into this (probably) biweekly feature!

The Perms – High School High
“High School High” was on The Perms’ Sophia Nights, which I reviewed a few months ago. The band has the Foo Fighter’s knack for blending pop and rock, and now, their penchant for funny rock and roll indulgences. “HSH” is still a fun high school nostalgia track, with a video that matches perfectly. Check’em on Facebook here.

Adventures – Reach Out To You
“Reach Out To You” comes from Adventures’ debut EP out in September. On this song, the Pittsburg punks blend tuneful riffs and pummeling instrumentation (not to mention a killer breakdown), not to mention a solid knack for dynamics. Worth noting is how well Reba handles her vocals; she doesn’t have to scream to be above the music, and when she does scream, it’s still great. Check’em out on Facebook.

Michi – Shivers
Michi is a do-everything singer-songwriter that dips from multiple genres, including: jazz, blues, rock, folk, and country that plays guitar, piano, and drums. “Shivers” puts her folk influence right up front; the song’s tasteful fingerpicking patterns are only accompanied by occasional clean guitar. As a singer/songwriter, Michi savvy for her age; her vocal and lyrical contributions to “Shivers” are great, but she also knows when to take a step back from the mic and let the music do the work. Keep an eye on Michi in the New Music section in the future, and check out her website here.

Imaginary War – The tide has turned
Imaginary War, a German synth pop group, dropped their first album Replacing the Ghosts earlier this month, and lead single “The tide has turned” is hyperactive and glammed out. It also has a subtle build to it that comes in full force for the final minute. It’s an 80’s send-up, but these guys don’t lack conviction. Drop by their Facebook page!

Eddie Grey – Only on the Weekend
Sometimes, you need a little R&B to get by, and Eddie Grey’s “Only on the Weekend” is more than happy to oblige. Grey’s vocals are anything but; he’s a confident singer with plenty of presence on “Only on the Weekend”. The arrangement doesn’t let him down, either; the rhythm section plays with a tight groove, and the guitar solo at the bridge gives the song some grit. Give it a listen here via SoundCloud!

The Casket Lottery – The Door/Nathan Ellis – Balance Beam
Punk veterans The Casket Lottery have two releases on the horizon this year: The Door EP on August 7th, and full album Real Fear later this year. “The Door” is a hardcore slowburner that combines dark, muscular music with a sorrowful melody. The breakdown/jam at the bridge gives the song extra life, and helps build into the final chorus. Go ahead and stream it here from No Sleep Records’ sampler. Also on August 7th, frontman Nathan Ellis is releasing a solo acoustic EP that that ditches the distortion, but keeps the melody. Stream “Balance Beams” on Alternative Press’s site here.

Pebaluna – No, I Can’t
And we close out today with this blusey number from indie folk collective Pebaluna. Their debut album Carny Life is out on September 18th, and “No, I Can’t” is the kind of song that gets interest. It’s different, but not too different, and singer Lauren Coleman has a fantastically teasing delivery. Give it a listen yourself. Definitely keep an eye on this one, especially by dropping by their Facebook page.

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