On Yr. Radar #4

New year, new music, and slightly new title!

Liz Wood – Ruin: On “Ruin”, Wood croons like a more confident Lana Del Rey backed by a grungy, 90s alt rock band. She sings of the wreck left in the aftermath of a breakup, announcing “You fucked up, not me”, and the music–distorted drums, squalling electric guitar, and driving acoustic guitar, reflect that rawness. Give “Ruin” a spin below, and check out Liz Wood’s website here.

Blind the Sky – Break Slater: If metal’s only gotten more insular over the past few years, don’t let Blind the Sky know that. “Break Slater” has massive riffs, double-bass drumming, a seven minute runtime, and a nearly two minute fadeout jam. And with some tasteful riffing and an epic chorus, it still sounds totally accessible. Check them out on Facebook, and give “Break Slater” a listen on their ReverbNation.

Monks of Mellonwah – Neverending Spirit: Austrailian band Monks of Mellonwah play somewhat proggy alt/indie rock, and their single “Neverending Spirit” is from last year’s Neurogenesis EP. Between Vikram Kaushik’s rich vocals and the band’s groove, the song channels Incubus at their sleekest, and builds into a guitar solo like Muse at their least hamfisted. Anyone who likes Incubus or Muse, as well as any late period RHCP or technical alt rock will find “Neverending Spirit” a good listen. Checkout their website here.

Darla Beaux – Summer Dream: Every now and then, you just want a pop song, and “Summer Dream” fits the bill perfectly. Between the ukulele, Beaux’s sweet vocals, and bubblegum R&B bounce, “Summer Dream” is innocuous almost to tweeness, but it’s a catchy little ray of sun a midst a cold winter. Beaux has vocal control way beyond her 14 years, and “Summer Dream” is a great teaser for her upcoming EP. If you like pop, give her a listen, and like her on Facebook.

The Bronx – Youth Wasted: “Youth Wasted” is the roaring first single to The Bronx’s upcoming album The Bronx (IV) out next month. The song is top notch punk rock that brings to mind the ramshackle, unrelenting energy and stadium sized power of Titus Andronicus to mind, but with hooks underneath it all, including a rousing chorus of “Sometimes the best laid plans still end with blood on your hands!” It’s a listen that demands to be turned up, and lends a lot of promise to The Bronx (IV), up for preorder on the band’s site here. Listen to “Youth Wasted” at MTV Buzzworthy.

David E. Beats – My Life: A previous “On Yr. Radar” featured a David E. Beats remix, but on “My Life”, he’s not only in the producer’s chair, he’s behind the mic. “My Life” is a fairly standard biographical piece, but the dramatic production with horns and a raw snare (not to mention a “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” sample) give the song an easy beat that makes Beats’ tale of getting into rap after hearing Jay-Z richer. Renaissance II comes out in March, keep up with David E. Beats through his Facebook page.

That’s all for today!

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