On Yr. Radar #5

Hey all, and welcome to another edition of On Yr. Radar! We’ve got some great new tunes by independent artists, go ahead and click on the artist name/song title below to give them a listen!

Allison Weiss – One Way Love: Allison Weiss is gearing up to release her second album Say What You Mean in April, and “One Way Love” is making me wish it came out sooner. “One Way Love” is a cut of slightly spastic but catchy as all get out pop-punk with guitars equal parts jangle and crunch, and a huge chorus that dares you to sing along. More than that, though, is Weiss, whose scrappy vocals, attitude, and earnest lyrics are nothing but likeable and relatable. Give “One Way Love” a listen at Glamour Kills, and check out Weiss’ Facebook page.

Khalid Quesada – Radio Silence: The jaunty piano of the first forty seconds of Khalid’s 60s-loving indie pop song “Radio Silence” are cute, but threaten to push into “too on the nose” territory. But then, the crisp, overdriven guitars and garage rock drums kick in, giving the song’s hook way more oomph, and the sound some much needed grit. The retro vibe on “Radio Silence” is still palpable, but the music’s strong enough on its own to sound like a nod to the past, not an imitation of it. Keep up with Khalid on his Facebook page.

Skinny Lister – Forty Pound Wedding: I saw British band Skinny Lister open for Flogging Molly in January, and somewhere between their bassist walking out with a double bass christened “this machine kills dubstep” and vocalist Lorna Thomas carrying what looked like a moonshine jug, I couldn’t help but think “I have no idea where this is going”. Skinny Lister’s brand of rowdy, stomp ‘n shout, beer swilling, pub/folk rock made for a fun live show, and that energy and fun carry over to the band’s recorded material, as well. Their album Forge & Flagon is out now, and you can check their Facebook for more music.

Joy Ike – Time: And now, a quieter number in this edition of On Yr. Radar. Singer-songwriter Joy Ike lets this piano ballad build from a lone melody to a soaring, lush number complete with a lovely string arrangement that’s meditative and evocative at the same time. There’s a beauty to the song that matches Ike’s love song lyrics and vow of “Wherever you go, I will follow you”. “Time” is a wonderfully orchestrated ballad, and free to download from SoundCloud. Drop in on Ike’s Facebook page to keep up with her new music and tour.

Misty Miller – Little Drummer: Slow-building “Little Drummer” is the closer to Miller’s Girlfriend EP that was released earlier this month. Backed by nothing but a blusey guitar and a drum kit, Miller builds the song’s intensity with her rise and fall vocals. At over four and a half minutes, the sparse arrangement would swallow other artists whole, but Miller plays to the back of the room, and belts it out like no one’s watching. The song is a great ending note to the EP, and best of all, you can download it for free!

Ryan Vail – Sunlight: And we’re closing today on an electronic note. Ryan Vail, a duo consisting of Katie Cosgrove and, er, Ryan Vail, are slated to release an EP next month, and a full length later this year, and after a few spins of “Sunlight”, they’re on my to-watch list. The synth propelling the song forward is hypnotic, Vail’s hushed vocals enhance the dreamy tone of “Sunlight”, which is every bit as warm as its namesake. Well-crafted and mesmerizing, Ryan Vail is an artist to keep an eye on, and Facebook makes that easy.

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