Mini Mixtape #2

Welcome to Ranting About Music’s newest weekly post, Mini Mixtapes. Four songs every Friday that I just feel like sharing with the world. Enjoy! Hm, I feel like doing a theme this week. To celebrate the release of Hurley, let’s do a Weezer mix.

Weezer – The World Has Turned and Left Me Here (1994):

The first “sad” some in Weezer’s discography still stands as one of their best. From the acoustic strums to the final blast of feedback, “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here” might as well be a template for half of the world’s weaker emo bands.

Weezer – Burndt Jamb (2002):
“Burndt Jamb” comes off of Maladroit, which is by and large forgotten by well, just about everyone. The loud-soft dynamic is used to great effect here, and the quiet parts have an oddly jazzy vibe to them. And hey, it works.

Weezer – Susanne (1994):
This is essentially 50s doo-wop run through early Weezer distortion. The falsetto backing vocals make this one work so well.

Weezer – The Good Life (1996):
Far and away my favorite Weezer song. Quirky, a little sad, off the charts energy, and a scream along chorus. That bridge/final chorus combo is to die for.

See you next week!

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