New Music: Stereotori

So we all like music here, right? Yes? Good, because I have something I’d like to share with you. New artist Stereotori contacted me last week with a few of her songs, and asked me to pass them along. These are great songs; catchy, well-crafted, and still fun.

To give you a bit of background, Stereotori hails from Russia. She’s an opera singer that graduated from the Russian Academy of Theatrical Arts, and moved to LA to pursue a career in pop music. In LA, she’s met with producers Wally Gagel and Xandy Barry who have worked with some pretty big names (The Rolling Stones, New Order, Jessica Simpson, Rihanna, and Gorillaz to name a few). And the songs the three of them worked on are the songs she sent to me. To us. For free. She wrote me, “I’m happy to share it for free as I believe it’s not about the money at all. Music is created to bring emotions to people and that’s what I feel I should devote my time to.”

So let’s take a look, shall we?

“G.F.Y.” is the first song I looked at because hey, it’s first alphabetically. It opens with an energetic little synth-riff before Stereotori’s voice kicks in. Honestly, the first time I heard the chorus I was torn between dancing and singing along (dancing won). This song begs club play with it’s bouncing electronic beat, and what really sells it is Stereotori’s confident and carefree delivery.

“Midnight Song”
Whereas “G.F.Y.” featured heavy use of a vocoder, “Midnight Song” shows Stereotori standing on her own vocally (and she does a damn fine job). Layers of electronics build up on this great love song that lends itself to late night listening and arms swaying in the air. It’s nearly 5 minutes long, but doesn’t feel it, and for a pop song that’s an accomplishment. This deserves radioplay.

“White Shoes”
Another slice of club-ready electro-pop. Instead of a fuck-off, this time Stereotori sings about that great feeling you get when you just dance. With it’s dance beat and funky bassline, “White Shoes” sounds like a 21st century disco cut that doesn’t let up. I could definitely see myself dancing to this, and I can’t dance at all. Another one I could see on the radio.

Just a few quick notes on all three songs. The lyrics never push any boundaries at all, but they never stray into bad territory either. And with Stereotori, I get the feeling it’s less about what’s being sung and more about the fun of singing in the first place. And that’s what these songs are, they’re fun. Anyone who remotely likes anything on the radio right now (especially Lady Gaga) should grab a listen.

Stereotori Online

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