On the Radar #3

I see a lot of new music here at Ranting About Music!, but it isn’t always in album form. So, if I come across a single I really like, or an artist that I think you should know about, I’ll showcase here on “On the Radar”!

Brock Zanrosso – Drowning
I thought I’d start with something different today. “Drowning” is through and through 2012 club electro-pop (complete with dubstep breakdown), but it’s smooth instead of overbearing, and surprisingly light on its feet. Not hurting matters is the song’s solid melody and Zanrosso’s showman-style vocals. His album Love Kills comes out on Sept. 18, and you can check out his website here.

Gumshen – Jag It Up
“Jag It Up” is one of those rare tracks that distills genres that shouldn’t work–in this case, dance, funk, and a little electronica–and makes them into a cohesive whole. The drums and synth bass give the song a massive rhythm section, while the guitar and synths texture it wonderfully. And the progtronica extended jam is great to just zone in on. Give “Jag It Up” in its eight minute entirety a listen on ReverbNation, then drop by Gumshen’s Facebook page.

Canto – Griseous
An offering from debut album HA HA HA, “Griseous” is a reverb-drenched track from three piece rock band Canto. If anything, the song’s a little underproduced, but the lack of polish adds to the song’s oomph, especially the outro guitar solo. Add in a few tempo changes and a nice chorus, and “Griseous” sounds great in-studio, and probably even better live. Check out Canto’s site here, and give “Griseous” a listen on SoundCloud.

KOPPS – Bastard Baby
Lead single from KOPPS’ upcoming EP Fuck Jams “Bastard Baby” kicks off with stomping drums before introducing droning, distorted synths, interwoven with saxophone. The entire track is unrelenting, constantly awash in textured electronics, and Patricia Petrone’s vocals always come out the top of this sensual track. KOPPS has the song streaming on their SoundCloud, and you can give them some attention on their Facebook page, too.

Candy Hearts – Bad Idea
New Jersey punk popsters Candy Hearts released their first song from upcoming EP The Best Ways to Disappear (out Nov. 6th), “Bad Idea”. The band’s polished pop-punk sound hasn’t lost any energy; “Bad Idea” has a killer catchy “We’ve all been there” chorus and furious drumming that makes the song blow by at two and a half minutes, leaving you wanting more. Listen to it on the band’s official site, or like Candy Hearts on Facebook.

Danny Switchblade – Reform School
NYC group Danny Switchblade blend rock and hip-hop on “Reform School”, a dark, industrial tinged track, and the group’s second released single. The hook consists of slithering effects and wah-wah guitar that calls Tom Morello’s work with Rage Against the Machine to mind, while the drums skitter between hip-hop beats and rockier patterns. Switchblade, for his part, gives a snarling delivery, culminating as the song ends. Give it a listen!

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