The Gibby Fifty: My Fifty Favorite Songs of 2018


Hey there folks, and welcome to Day 5 of Listmas!

Today’s entry is real short and sweet: it’s just my 50 favorite songs of the year. I always enjoy putting this list together, because I feel like it best encapsulates what I’ve listened to through the year. The only restrictions are that nothing could double dip here and on the Best Hits list that’ll be up after Christmas, and there’s a limit of one song per album (spoiler: Swae Lee gets around this). Beyond that, there’s a playlist with them all at the bottom. I hope you enjoy!

1. American Pleasure Club – “This Is Heaven and I’d Die For It”–A possible favorite of the year pick
2. Antartigo Vespucci – “The Price Is Right Theme Song”
3. Arctic Monkeys – “One Point Perspective”
4. Ariana Grande – “R.E.M.”–One of the more delightful surprises on Sweetener
5. awakebutstillinbed – “Fathers”
6. Beach House – “Woo”
7. Camp Cope – “The Opener”–I love the heat behind this one
8.Cardi B – “Money Bag”
9. Carly Rae Jepsen – “Party For One”
10.Cloud Nothings – “Dissolution”–Those last three and a half minutes, holy shit
11. cupcaKKe – “Garfield”–I tried cupcaKKe for the first time this year. She scratches the same Run the Jewels “blockbuster aggro-rap” itch
12. Drake – “Emotionless”–Here almost entirely because of that sample/drop combo
13. Father John Misty – “Just Dumb Enough To Try”–Miles above anything on Pure Comedy
14. Florence + the Machine – “Hunger”
15. Foxing – “Heartbeats”–I stopped what I was doing and started crying the first time I heard that pre-chorus
16. Frank Ocean – “Moon River”
17. Future – “Cuddle My Wrist”
18. Gorillaz – “Kansas”–It’s like if the Gorillaz soundtracked a Banjo Kazooie level
19. Grimes – “We Appreciate Power”
20. Half Waif – “Salt Candy”–Lavender was a hit and miss record for me, but I love this
21. Hop Along – “How Simple”
22. Illuminati Hotties – “(You’re Better) Than Ever”–The backing vocals at a minute and a 2half in are to die for
23. Interpol – “The Rover”–Gritty Interpol: somehow works!
24. Janelle Monae – “Don’t Judge Me”–Best song on the album
25. Jeff Rosenstock – “9/10”
26. Joyce Manor – “Think I’m Still In Love With You”
27. Juliana Hatfield – “Hopelessly Devoted To You”–Yes, it’s an Olivia Newton John cover
28. Kanye West – “Ghost Town”–Literally the only good song off ye
29. Khalid and Swae Lee – “The Ways”
30. Lana Del Rey – “Venice Bitch”–Yes, more “stoned in the desert” Ultraviolence Lana. That’s the stuff.
31. Mac Miller – “2009”
32. Metric – “Now Or Never Now”
33. Mitski – “Nobody”
34. Nine Inch Nails – “God Break Down the Door”–I didn’t have enough to add for it to make a full blurb, but Bad Witch is incredibly artistically vital for a band in their third decade
35. noname – “Don’t Forget About Me”
36. Pusha T – “If You Know You Know”–Related: Push’s chuckle during “The Story of Adidon” is the most withering part of that track
37. Snail Mail – “Heat Wave”–I live for those guitar blasts
38. Soccer Mommy – “Your Dog”
39. Swae Lee – “Hurt To Look”
40. Swae Lee and Post Malone – “Sunflower”–Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse is somehow more incredible than you’ve been lead to believe
41. The 1975 -“It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)”–It was either this or “Sincerity is Scary”
42. The Carters – “Apeshit”–That this didn’t make the Year-End Hundo is an “I don’t get y’all” moment
43. The Pom-Poms – “Pass Her the Aux”
44. The Sonder Bombs – “(U)ke Ain’t Enough”–As great an intro to any to The Sonder Bombs
45. The Voidz – “AlieNNatioN”–Possibly the best combination of strange and beautiful that Julian Casablancas has come out with
46. The War on Women – “Pleasure and the Beast”–This track hits kind of everything great about The War on Women
47. The Wonder Years – “Raining in Kyoto”
48. Travis Scott – “Skeletons”
49. Turnstile – “Generator”–Space and Time was one of my gym records thsi year
50. Vince Staples – “Feels Like Summer”

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